Discover your brand's voice on YouTube

Find out what's being said about your brand in the spoken words of YouTube videos.

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Breakthrough Features


Listen for brand mentions in the spoken words of YouTube videos and get notified immediately.

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Advanced Search

Fire off on-the-fly searches for brand mentions in the spoken words of published YouTube videos.

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Stay on top of everything being said about your brand in YouTube videos.

You tell VideoMentions which channels and keywords to monitor. VideoMentions constantly listens to those channels and immediately notifies you about new mentions.

Mentions, mastered.

Real-time monitoring

Never miss a beat! VideoMentions listens to YouTube 24/7, keeping you updated in real-time when your brand is mentioned.

Crisis management

Swiftly respond to brand mentions in video content to manage PR crises effectively.

Competitive analysis

Stay ahead of the competition by tracking what's being said about them in YouTube videos.

Influencer marketing

Connect with influencers who mention your brand in their content. No more missed opportunities.

Content strategy

Enhance your content strategy by identifying trends and uncovering what topics resonate with your audience.

Market research

Stay in tune with your market's preferences and needs by analyzing mentions in the spoken words of YouTube videos.

What people are saying


"...a really neat tool. I'm excited for the possibilities."

Nick Dambrosio

Nick Dambrosio

Software Developer

"My favorite thing about VideoMentions is that it will notify me if a keyword is spoken, not only if it appears in the video title or description. This is HUGE!"

Brian Richards

Brian Richards

Founder of WPSessions

"This is revolutionary. I use this all the time. Thank you."



Gaming Streamer

"Well done. I hope this gets the attention it deserves. You have solved a problem that many people have, and have griped about. Companies and people who maintain brands need to know about it."

Thom Devine

Thom Devine

Software Engineer


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  • Listen for unlimited keywords
  • Monitor unlimited YouTube channels
  • Access to Advanced Search

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  • Listen for unlimited keywords
  • Monitor unlimited YouTube channels
  • Access to Advanced Search
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are other tools out there that listen for brand mentions on YouTube. How is VideoMentions any different?

Our "killer feature" is the ability to listen for brand mentions in the spoken words of YouTube videos. Other tools only track mentions in the video title, description and comments. With VideoMentions, you'll know exactly what content creators are saying about your brand in their videos.

Does VideoMentions listen for brand mentions across all of YouTube?

No, YouTube doesn't provide a way to listen for spoken word mentions within all 20,000+ hours of content uploaded to the platform every hour. VideoMentions allows you to set up "rules" where you can listen for keywords across any number of specific YouTube channels. It will then constantly monitor all of the channels you've selected and immediately notify you of any mentions within the videos they publish. Many of our customers set up rules to monitor all of the YouTube channels within their industry, all of the top U.S. news channels, all the top influencers within a particular niche, etc.

Does VideoMentions capture brand mentions in YouTube video comments?

No. If you want to be notified about brand mentions within YouTube video comments, you can run a quick web search for "social media brand mentions" and find a number of tools that offer that feature.

VideoMentions is focused on notifying you when YouTube content creators themselves mention your brand. With that goal in mind, VideoMentions captures mentions in video titles, descriptions, and spoken words.

Are other languages supported?

Only English language mentions are currently supported.

Is VideoMentions only for brand mentions? What about listening for other keywords?

Listening for brand mentions is the most common use case, but VideoMentions works great for any keywords. A journalist doing research can use it to track when news channels mention "AI". Political campaign teams can use it to get notified when their candidate is mentioned. A sports fan can use it to get notified when their favorite team is mentioned. You can listen for any keywords, across any channels, for any reason.

Does VideoMentions offer a public API?

Yes, VideoMentions offers a robust API that can be used to access YouTube videos (including spoken word transcripts and comments), channels, and playlists data. You can review our API documentation for a detailed description of the data available. Please contact us to inquire about gaining access to our API product.